Doctors would like to take credit for cures but cancer remission on its own does happen often. In fact the numbers would surprise you. The most recent case being of a teenage girl who stopped taking drugs to treat her HIV yet is not facing any further complications (at least not for the moment). I […]

tinger connects people together. Their is a full page of information for both people to look through to see if they “match” or “like” each other. I am more than positive that women on this website are seeking men of high income. With a monthly price tag of about $30 a month its expensive to […]

People are getting lonelier. There are more women working and career oriented removing them from the pool of wanting to be in relationship or having children and starting families. The other half are feminists that will flip any chivalry debate into “ways men exert power over women”. The world is getting an increasing number of sex […]


It is always interesting to hear about selfies. Some of the most interesting stories in recent times include the song by the Chainsmokers titled Selfie. Funny, I had to look up the lyrics for the song and I could have sword I did not know of this artist. I suppose the song itself was more […]


Uber was the answer to the “shared economy” that so many fought for. You wanted a world where “sharing” and “environmentally-friendly” overtakes. So those activists that wanted to support this cause should be at the forefront of supporting Uber globally. The statistics show that wherever Uber goes the car-rental companies lose revenue and taxi companies […]

Everyday there is some new product on the market with the hands attempting to dig deep into your pockets with claims of being “healthy” and “nutritious”. Lets face the facts without excuses, if you are serious about your health and lifestyle you would not want meal replacements of any kind. Protein powders have worked for […]

Muslims eat beef and the Hindu Indians rebel for their sacred Cow. Despite the fact that the west love their steaks and burgers. Chinese eat dogs for their Yulin Festival and the world-uproars. We slaughter pigs, chickens, and fish daily – and yes for some this too is a problem. And if it is they […]


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