Gearing in towards the election time in Canada many polls showed that most people did not want to vote. In particular the young voters did not feel engaged and other reasons included that there was not someone they wanted to vote for. I fell into this category. Stephen Harper was a war-monger who put our […]

The leader of Syria, Bashar Al Assad gave an interview just yesterday to Russia Today English. The ISIS war continues in Syria with many problems ahead. Firstly the crisis of refugees that are seeking refuge abroad. It does make a person question why countries that are involved in the conflict directly are not the ones […]

So there I was, shocked that my mom was laying helplessly with a broken leg. The next 6 months that followed where the most terrifying moments of my life. I was told she had cancer and it was the reason for her brittle bones that snapped at the femur – the biggest and hardest bone […]

Rogers promotes its home security system as if we are living in a third world country and everything needs monitoring. In fact they make a lot of money from basic services starting at $40 and going upwards. People with pets should be forewarned that if the police discharged because your pets movement knocked the alarm […]


I recently booked a trip to Europe for 2016. I have not visited Europe but I have a greater interest in the Nordic countries like Finland, Norway and Sweden and Eastern Europe like Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. I am a solo traveler but my first big trip was to Asia this year. Although I only […]

I deleted the app after using it for about 2 months which I think was much longer for my frustration to kick in. Many girls seem to claim they are sapiosexual. I think they read this word somewhere perhaps in fifty shades of grey or some other popular womens magazine and they think they sound […]


I have rarely felt discriminated in society in Toronto having been born and raised in Scarborough (Canada). We are a multicultural city. We have people of color and a multitude of religious sites (none of which I care about but they co-exist); we have dozens of cuisine options at our footstep; and most places that […]


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