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Babies On Opiod Withdrawal Symptoms

Women who where prescribed an opioid such as codeine, oxycodone, or morphine both before and during pregnancy had babies with symptoms of opioid withdrawal. These are commonly prescribed by doctors … Continue reading

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Losing My Mom At Age 27 – Radiation Therapy Kills People

This past few weeks have been the roughest weeks in my life. I lost my mom. I think I would have lost her anyway but I do blame a big … Continue reading

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Mobilicity – One Last Punch

Today I opted to switch carriers because Wind Mobile threw a deal for Mobilicity customers. Wind is offering Mobilicity customers 6 months of free service (the $35 plan). My main … Continue reading

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The Used Car Experience

My horrible first car experience was when I was 19. I bought the Mazda6 which came fully loaded with leather seats, heated mirrors, controlled sunroof and the amazing Bose speakers. … Continue reading

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Starbucks, I want to like you!

At the new Starbucks location at Kennedy and Lawrence (Scarborough, Ontario) I just stood there pondering at how some things work even though there is no catch to them. Starbucks … Continue reading

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There Is Always A Choice

Rogers Albritton questioned why many of us normal people envy criminals. Its a well reputed fact that killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer would be flooded with love letters … Continue reading

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Marco Polo Netlflix Series (Mongol Empire)

Marco Polo is a new TV series with 10 episodes financed by Netflix (¬†for 90 million dollars. The series is a journey through different cultures and people as it showcases … Continue reading

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