Rogers promotes its home security system as if we are living in a third world country and everything needs monitoring. In fact they make a lot of money from basic services starting at $40 and going upwards. People with pets should be forewarned that if the police discharged because your pets movement knocked the alarm […]


I recently booked a trip to Europe for 2016. I have not visited Europe but I have a greater interest in the Nordic countries like Finland, Norway and Sweden and Eastern Europe like Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. I am a solo traveler but my first big trip was to Asia this year. Although I only […]

I deleted the app after using it for about 2 months which I think was much longer for my frustration to kick in. Many girls seem to claim they are sapiosexual. I think they read this word somewhere perhaps in fifty shades of grey or some other popular womens magazine and they think they sound […]


I have rarely felt discriminated in society in Toronto having been born and raised in Scarborough (Canada). We are a multicultural city. We have people of color and a multitude of religious sites (none of which I care about but they co-exist); we have dozens of cuisine options at our footstep; and most places that […]

Doctors would like to take credit for cures but cancer remission on its own does happen often. In fact the numbers would surprise you. The most recent case being of a teenage girl who stopped taking drugs to treat her HIV yet is not facing any further complications (at least not for the moment). I […]

tinger connects people together. Their is a full page of information for both people to look through to see if they “match” or “like” each other. I am more than positive that women on this website are seeking men of high income. With a monthly price tag of about $30 a month its expensive to […]

People are getting lonelier. There are more women working and career oriented removing them from the pool of wanting to be in relationship or having children and starting families.┬áThe other half are feminists that will flip any chivalry debate into “ways men exert power over women”. The world is getting an increasing number of sex […]


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