Although I have lived for quite some time without any security features I decided to install one recently with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. Within the first month I was billed $75 for a false alarm that had gone off because my birds that where flying around in my home triggered the motion sensor. I had […]

I follow a fitness regimen accompanied by a health diet. I usually tend to buy items on the healthier side. So I will point out a good and bad today product today. One that I thoroughly enjoy, and another that I abhor. I am only writing the review for the good to counter the negativity […]

People that are affected with certain diseases and conditions like diabetes may experience vision loss over time. Aging is also a cause of vision loss. At one point when my mother was still alive she was experiencing vision loss near the end of her life and I panicked to find a solution for her to […]


I recently became an orphaned adult with no living parents. I tried to do some research to understand the coping mechanisms and to read about what others experience and the stages they go through after losing their last parent that was alive. This book did not have any answers but offered comforting stories compiled by […]

Many people fall into eristical debate and not that of a dialectical discussion. The power of contradiction is extraordinary because it seems that many fall into it against their wills and are debating because they cannot distinguish the various forms of what is said but carry on their opposition to what is stated by attacking […]

X-Rays are known be human carcinogens and increase your risk of cancer. When I was young and under 18 I would regularly attend to dentists and they would perform their procedures. After I turned 18 I couldn’t afford dentists but at the same time I became wary of health practitioners and their practices. I began […]

The cheap houses and tiny condos we are seeing is a result of overpopulation. The small cars and bikes you see people driving are a trend that people have adapted to. The GMO foods and non-organic methods of foods to supply the demand for increased food is a result of producing beyond normal means for […]


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